Welcome to the Savannah Area Genealogical Association
The Savannah Area Genealogical Association (SAGA) was incorporated in 1983 as a non-profit educational and research organization whose primary purpose is to assist members in beginning or advancing genealogical pursuits. SAGA endeavors to meet the following organizational objectives:

* To promote and encourage interest in the science of genealogy and biographical history, the compilation of accurate and complete genealogies, and the preservation of genealogical and historical records;
* To foster education and training in genealogy through classes, lectures, forums, and special workshops to members and to the general public;
* To locate genealogical and historical records and promote their availability to the public through cooperation with record depositories and other organizations; and
* To disseminate information on research techniques and procedures, special collections, original records, genealogical and historical publications, and news pertinent to genealogy and history.

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